Spring Cleaning Your Gutters

March 20, 2022

Spring Cleaning?  Don’t forget your gutters!

Who doesn’t love spring in Owensboro, Kentucky?  Sometimes it feels as though it will never arrive, but every year those beautiful blooms start popping out everywhere.  There is a feeling of “newness” as neighbors start to venture back outdoors after a long, cold winter.  Grass starts greening up and there is the sound of lawn mowers and birds!  It’s about this time that you start to notice all of the things around your home that need to be tended to.  Windows are covered in dust and grime; weeds are raising their heads and dead leaves piled up in corners of your flower beds.  Well don’t forgot, those leaves may have piled up in your gutter too.

Water Damage

When gutters get clogged, they don’t drain properly.  Water can’t escape properly, so it builds up within the gutter system.  Once that happens, water will either run down the walls of your residence or pool within the gutter.  Water that runs down the walls can cause the erosion of your home’s foundation.  Pooling water mixed with debris can lead to mold.  We all know about the health issues associated with mold, but it can also cause your gutter system to decay.

Critters & Pests

Gutters that are full of debris makes a cozy home for small animals, rodents and insects. Squirrels, mice and birds all love to make nests in twigs and leaves.  Insects like ants and wasps are attracted to this environment as well to build their hives.  If not taken care of, you might end up with some of these critters inside your home!

What you can do

Having your gutters professionally cleaned is not only affordable – especially when you consider the cost associated with repairs or replacement – it is also the safest route.  I never recommend attempting to clean your own gutters.  Hundreds of people suffer falls each year when trying to clean gutters on their own.  A qualified GAF roofing company like us is a good place to start.  We will carefully inspect your gutters and let you know if they need to be replaced.  If you are considering replacing your gutter, it’s time think about upgrading to seamless gutters.  As you can imagine, gutters with seams collect debris year after year.  Seamless gutters remain clean and require little to no maintenance.


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